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Video Bokeh Museum – The development of the times, smartphones can be used in everything, including to capture moments. There are smartphones that have been built from the start with a variety of superior and latest photography features, but not all. And, the price of mobile phones armed with neat cameras is quite expensive.

The developers are competing to create applications that support human needs in the current digital age, one of which is in taking photos with bokeh effects. If you have to use a camera like DSLR in every activity, it is less practical than using a smartphone that can be carried anywhere. Not everyone has a DSLR camera too, right?

The existence of photo applications with bokeh effects makes the costs incurred to get perfect photos much cheaper, your funds can also be allocated for other needs.

Besides being designed to get bokeh images, some of the applications below are also equipped with a variety of other features that you can get for free or paid. Starting from shooting technology, filters, stickers, to photo and video editing.

The existence of a photo application helps smartphone users who like to take pictures to be able to perfect the photos, one of which is by giving the effect of blur, faded, or bokeh in some of the desired parts. Thus, the image obtained can look more focused and memorable. Here are some bokeh camera applications that can be selected by Carisinyal version.

  1. Photo Editor Pro
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 1

Photo Editor Pro from Inshot is one of the most popular photo editor applications on Android with more than 100 million downloads and a good average rating. This application is equipped with a variety of style effects, filters, grids, and drawing tools that can help you make interesting photos, including bokeh effects.

There are more than 100 effects that you can choose. You can highlight your photos with the effect of sparkling photos, art, old, aesthetics, vintage filters, sparkle, overlay, photo effects of angel wings, and others. Then there is an aesthetic photo editor that allows you to add a cool aesthetic error effect to your photo.

On the other hand, blur photo editors owned by Photo Editor Pro can be used to obscure parts of your photos to get the DSLR blur effect. You can also delete blur images with erasers and adjust the strength of the blur too. And there are many other features that are not mentioned here.

  1. Auto Blur Background – Blur Image Like DSLR
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 3

This application is useful for obscuring your photo background easily and quickly. With good blur capabilities, the Auto Blur Background application – Blur Image Like DSLR has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Play Store and the user is on average satisfied.

Some features offered by this application include the application for the selection of smart focus areas automatically recognizing the focus area, offering dozens of blur effects, and can adjust the intensity of blur images, to provide a greater blur effect.

In addition, this application also allows you to create blur effects that look realistic with various aperture styles such as DSLR cameras. You can even emphasize the point of light in the background using bokeh effects and overlay effects such as snow and fur.

  1. Afterfocus
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 5

Afterfocus application also allows you to be able to make opaque photos of DSLR style backgrounds just by selecting the focus area. This application has made various filter effects to make photos that look natural and realistic.

Getting a more natural and professional image can be done easily using this application. Simply mark the area you want, afterfocus automatically recognizes the exact focus area even for objects with complex shapes.

If your cellphone has a small screen, the automatic function is claimed to work faster. In addition, the background of the background of afterfocus provides a realistic display photo between the background edge and the focus area.

  1. Blur Background DSLR
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 7

You can also use the DSLR background blur application if you want to obscure the unwanted part of the image or you want to obscure the background of the photo. This application is quite popular and has been downloaded more than 1 million times in the Play Store.

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Obscuring the background of the image or automatic background using this application is quite easy. Just choose your image by drawing around it and it will obscure the background automatically. You can use a follow -up blur option to simplify the editing of blurred images.

  1. Blur Photo – Background Editor
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 9

You can also have a bokeh effect on your photo easily using the Blur Photo – Background Editor application. So far more than 5 million Android users have downloaded this application and installed it on their device.

You can automatically obscure your photos in a few seconds. You can also delete your photo blur, adjust your photo blur level with a background control and share photos that you have given blur or bokeh efel on your Instagram.

  1. DSLR Camera Blur Effects
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 11

The next application that can help you give a bokeh effect on the photo is DSLR Camera Blur Effects. This application is fast and easy to use to create a blur background effect image.

You simply select images from your gallery or take a new picture from the camera and apply the blurry background effect with the help of some watering tools.

DSLR Camera Blur Effects provides several blur tools, such as circular blur to make focus on circular areas and line blur to make focus on linear areas. And there are still more features that are not mentioned here.

  1. Airbrush
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 13

Airbrush is a photo editing application that is quite popular with more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store. Among the myriad of photo editing features, Airbrush also includes a tool that allows you to destroy, cut, stretch, and streamline photos

  1. Blur Photo Editor Pro
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 15

Blur Photo Editor Pro can also be relied on to give a blurred effect on your photo background, or as a background eraser to delete any image background. This application is quite popular with more than 1 million downloads so far.

With this application you can also use a square photo frame to create a square image without cutting with an opaque background effect for Instagram. There are more than 200 colorful and funny photo frames for instant square photos that you can use in the application.

    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 17

Photoroom is an application that you can use to edit, design, and optimize visual content. One of its features is to give a blur effect on the photo.

You can use the background eraser feature to cut the object in the image & delete the background, apply the white background, obscure the background or cut the background itself.

In addition to hobbies, this application is also suitable for online business people who want to make their sales pictures better. Creators can also try it because this application has the ability that can be relied upon for creativity.

  1. Photo Editor Pixover
    10 Best Bokeh Camera Effects Applications for Android 19

Photo Editor Pixover is another photo editing application that you can use to make your image background blur. With this application you can edit images as you wish, such as changing images, cutting images, or adding text or stickers.

Not only that, you can also make an extraordinary collage with a pixover photo editor. The trick is also quite easy. Simply open the application, place your image in the layout and add a filter or effect. Then you can also delete unwanted objects in your photo.

Lots of application choices to produce bokeh photos. So, you don’t need to worry if the cellphone camera doesn’t have a bokeh camera. Is there a bokeh photo application that is your favorite?